Letter from The President

Dear Friends of Mujer, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Mujer, Inc. 2018! We are excited about this year’s agenda and can’t wait to grow our membership and get started with our newly restructured Project Mana Programs for our adult members and the Latina youth we serve! Over the past several years Mujer, Inc. has gone through some transition and many efforts to restructure our organizational goals and effectiveness. Like so many volunteer organizations and non-profits, it has been difficult to maintain our funding sources and therefore not easy to maintain our Project Mana Program. In order to meet our mission of: “creating opportunities for Latinas to excel professionally, emotionally, spiritually and culturally through adult and youth development,” we have had to modify, restructure and redesign our Leadership Retreat concept in order to make it possible to deliver this important and effective program. The Board of Directors and membership of Mujer, Inc. believe we have found a way to continue our mission of delivery of our very unique, culturally competent and gender-specific Project Mana Leadership Program for our Latina youth by partnering with our local public schools! We need the energy, talent, time and treasure of our membership to help us deliver Project Mana! We hope you will consider returning if you have been away and if you have not joined Mujer, Inc., we truly hope you will join us now!

In addition to our Project Mana Program for young Latinas, we are also holding our second year of the Mujer Institute! This adult program is designed to provide four personal/ professional workshops presented by Latina subject-matter experts in 2 hour sessions on Saturday mornings on March 31st; May 12th; August 11th and October 6th. This Institute is designed to provide workshops in areas of health and wellness, cultural and spiritual teachings and professional development concepts in order to assist our members and guest participants in developing their personal competencies. There are no costs to our Mujer, Inc. members and only a $10 fee to non-members to attend.

We are hoping past members and new members will join Mujer, Inc! Please reach out to your hermanas, primas, comadres, hijas, amigas y consentidas and have them join as well! Mujer, Inc. has much to offer, we are afterall: Weaving the wisdom of our stages; and Optimistically we base our relationships on the belief that we are competent and powerful and that we can build trust through dialogue; Mentoring, Modeling, Mirroring as we grow together in the process of; Embracing unity in our diversity by; Negotiating our powerful uniqueness with love and respect. We are women together weaving a vision and a dream. We are women weaving Mujer. We are Mujer!  This beautiful analogy of Mujer, Inc. was created by past members of Mujer, Inc. during a time I was not yet a member.

In closing, I would like to give Dinah Estrella, former President of Mujer, Inc., who stepped in and saved Mujer, Inc. in 2016, our heartfelt gratitude! Mujer, Inc. would not be here today were it not for Dinah and her leadership! Thank you very much Dinah.

Thank you all members of Mujer and those yet to join! I look forward to working with you as we grow our organization and continue our efforts to have Project Mana continue!

I hope to see you all very soon!


Sylvia D.G. Vega


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