Welcome To Mujer, Inc.!

Dear Mujer, Inc. Member:

We are happy to welcome you to Mujer, Inc. 2018! If you are a former member of Mujer, Inc., we are so very glad that you are back! If you are new to Mujer, Inc. we can’t wait to have you become an integral part of our organization and our unique and very special “comadrizmo!” We have great opportunities for our members to become part of our mission: “Creating opportunities for Latinas to excel professionally, emotionally, spiritually and culturally through adult and youth development programs.” The adult and youth programs are called “Project Mana.” Our adult Project Mana program is the Mujer Institute, which consists of four professional and/or personal development workshops providing concepts for adult Latinas. Our youth program is the Project Mana Leadership Mini Conference, a youth leadership program we hope to be able to roll-out this year to young Latinas in grades 8 through 12th in several of our local public schools.  Your timely membership helps us actualize this program through your tax deductible membership dues paid as well as your talent and time on this program!

We truly look forward to having you with us! We value your contribution to our Mujer, Inc. and we look forward to having you with us this year! Please stay in touch and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to connect with us by sending your email message to:


On behalf of Mujer, Inc. Board of Directors 2018!

Special Thanks To 2016 & 2017 President!

Thank you Dinah Estrella for your leadership and dedication to Mujer, Inc. 2016 and 2017!

We truly appreciate all you did!