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President – Sylvia D.G. Vega

Sylvia began her experience with Mujer, Inc. in 2004 as a general member. The following year she participated as a co-facilitator for the Project Mana Leadership Retreat and served as the main facilitator in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 she began serving as the Project Mana Leadership Retreat Coordinator/Manager and describes her work in this capacity as truly inspiring and personally fulfilling. Sylvia has served on the Board of Directors for Mujer, Inc. since 2005 serving as Chair and Coordinator of Project Mana (2006 to 2012) as well as Mujer, Inc. Treasurer and Vice President. She served as President for five consecutive years beginning 2010 and returned to serve as Vice President for 2017. Sylvia is honored to have the opportunity to serve as President for 2018 and lead the organization to a “shared-leadership” process providing horizontal leadership opportunities to all Board of Directors for Mujer, Inc. Sylvia states that she finds the mission and core values of Mujer, Inc. have always aligned with her personal values and deep appreciation and pride for her Latino culture while providing her the immense honor and ability to connect with current as well as future role models of outstanding Latina women. Sylvia invites all women who care to have an opportunity to give back to their Latino community and to be a part of a very unique and exciting organization to come join her on a wonderful journey of “Comadrizmo” with Mujer, Inc.!


Vice-President – Molly De Leon

Molly –

Treasurer – Andrea M. Frausto

Andrea became a general member of Mujer, Inc. in 2001 while working at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. She was elected to serve as a Director-at-Large shortly thereafter, and immediately filled the position of Membership Committee Chair which she held for numerous years. Andrea became Treasurer in 2005 and continued as Treasurer in 2006 and 2007. She was President-Elect in 2008, President in 2009 and Past President for 2010 through 2014.

The ‘real’ experience of Mujer, Inc. of course, was the Project Mana Leadership Retreat. It was at this flagship event where all the hard work and dedication came to fruition – the empowerment of our young Latinas through the precepts of “Modeling, Mirroring and Mentoring”. In keeping with that mission, Andrea has served as co-facilitator in 2002 and 2003; and as main facilitator from 2004 through 2012. As Mujer, Inc. moves forward, the Project Mana programs will shift slightly.

“The experiences with these young Latinas, the Mujer comadres, and the personal growth have been a treasure. Absolutely worthwhile!”

Andrea is an Interactive Media Producer for Pearson and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration.

Secretary – Suzie Moreno


Board of Directors

Gail Diaz


Anamaria Quintanilla


Dina Cruz


Sylvia Forry


Marivel Flores


M. Teresa Santiago






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