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Happy Hour with Mujer!

Happy Hour with Mujer Inc

Mujer Institute 2018

Mujer, Inc.


The Second Annual

Mujer Institute

The Mujer Institute consists of four personal and professional workshops presented by four dynamic Latina subject-matter experts!

Workshop II – June 9, 2018 – Highly Effective Latinas “Crashing Through
the Adobe Ceiling!”

Mujer Inc Workshop

Workshop III – Coming August 2018

Workshop IV – TBD – Mindful Living for the Evolved Latina! – Facilitator, Patricia Federico

Fee: Free to Members of Mujer, Inc.

($10.00 for non-members)


Overview:  The Mujer Institute is designed in keeping with the Mujer, Inc. mission of : “creating opportunities for Latinas to excel

professionally, emotionally and spiritually through adult and youth development programs!”

Volunteer with us!

We are looking for members to join Mujer, Inc. and serve as volunteers for our Project Mana Leadership Mini Conferences!

 If you have an interest in giving back to your Latina community and have the talent, time and treasure to share with a group of dynamic and talented Mujeres, join us in our efforts to develop and deliver our Project Mana Leadership Mini Conferences! Learn how you can join our group of volunteers who believe that through cultural awareness and pride there is no barrier to the success of our young Latinas as they navigate their futures toward higher learning and greater opportunities!

Mujer, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1981 with Project Mana our community outreach signature event! We seek volunteers to serve as facilitators, mirrors and role models for our Latina youth participants! For more information on how you can join this fabulous group of Latinas, we invite you to visit this website and if you need further information or would like to join Mujer, Inc. please email your interest to:

We look forward to having you join Mujer!