Governance and Operations

Governance and Operations

MUJER, INC. Governance and Organization

Board of Directors – Board of Directors is comprised of 10 to 15 elected MUJER, INC members in good standing, who together are responsible for the oversight of the organization’s mission; sets policy; assesses and approves programs and services; and serve as ambassadors of MUJER, INC.

Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the interests of Latina women in Arizona;
  • Raising funds to accomplish organizational goals;
  • Ensuring Latinas and the public have reasonable access to information about MUJER, INC.;
  • Track progress of committees and volunteers toward desired outcomes; and
  • Provides appropriate fiscal management of the organization.


Executive Committee – Is made up of the officers of MUJER, INC. who are responsible for the general management of the organization including adherence to the goals, objectives and vision of the organization and maintenance of the administrative aspects of MUJER, INC.

Communications Committee – The Communications Committee is responsible for planning, recruiting, orienting, supporting and retaining members of MUJER, INC. In addition, this committee oversees all communication aspects of the organization including the quarterly newsletter and oversight of the website and all other social media communications.

Programs Committee – The Programs Committee is responsible for the development, logistical planning, oversight and implementation of all Mujer, Inc. programs for both adults and youth. This committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the youth programs; Project Mana Hermanitas Program and the Project Mana Leadership Retreat. The Leadership Retreat occurs every November of each year and targets Latinas grades 8 to 12. The Hermanitas Program is the continuum program which is designed to provide the 11th and 12th grade Latinas from the Leadership Retreat to continue with ongoing leadership and life skills training.

Marketing Committee – The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing the marketing and advertising strategies that promote MUJER, INC. This includes planning and implementing fundraising events, developing the marketing and advertising tools for encouraging sponsorship interests, community support and maintaining the image of MUJER, INC.

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial and resource development of the organization. This committee will identify and apply for grant funding and other funding sources to meet our long-term financial and organizational strategic plan goals.

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