About Mujer

Who We Are

Mujer, Inc., was founded in 1981.  Mujer, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization of women volunteers who share a strong desire to serve young Latina women.  Our mission is to serve Latina women by creating opportunities to excel professionally, emotionally, culturally and spiritually through adult and youth development.

What We Do

Mujer, Inc. became a community outreach program early after its initiation.  Project Mana is our signature program.  The term“Mana” is derived from the Spanish term “hermana” meaning sister.  Mujer, Inc. provides an inclusive and culturally rich environment for young Latina women.  Girls from 8th to 12th grade are eligible to participate in the event and availability is limited.  The young women are led by quality professionals that develop specific workshops on cultural awareness and leadership.

With help from our member volunteers, Mujer, Inc. has served over 17,000 Latina youth through the Project Mana Program.  Our members kindly volunteer their time, talent, traditions and demonstrate their passion for the Latina culture.

Why It Matters

Every child despite their background deserves to be successful.  Research has shown that Hispanic girls have fewer opportunities than their male counterparts.  Also, many Latina women are faced with struggles between helping their family and going to college.  Women are also faced with cultural challenges between their Hispanic heritage and their American heritage.

Mujer, Inc. realizes there is much work to be done to serve Latina youth in our communities.  Through strategic programming we hope to empower young Latinas to become our future leaders.

We encourage women and men who have a passion to increase awareness and resources for young Latina women to join us in our mission.  Click here for more information on membership.

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